Our expertise



  • High-quality service
  • Bordeaux storage origin only (from accredited warehouses)
  • Overhall best quality & exclusive pristine conditions of stocks (temperature & humidity / highly secured)
  • Full traceability with BCB process
  • Shipping & international forwarding upon request


  • Strategic positioning in Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux trading network stakeholder
  • Direct access to « en primeur » market
  • Know-how and expertise of LASSERRE & PAPILLON team

In bond storage

We provide optimal storage facilities & ageing through Bordeaux City Bond (BCB) where all of our Grands Crus are stored.

Set in the heart of one of the world’s greatest wine regions, Bordeaux City Bond is a warehouse devoted entirely to the storage of fine wines and related products, exempt from all duties and taxes.

Original wooden cases benefit from BCB traceability process and are tracked in minute detail from the moment they enter the warehouse until the moment they leave.

Ultra-tight security and controlled climate conditions are among the broad range of services provided by this affiliate of Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce.


Our clients can also benefit from the same under bond optimal storage conditions provided by BORDEAUX CITY BOND.

LASSERRE & PAPILLON, through L&P WAM department, offers you smart solutions regarding optimal Grands Crus stock management.

Investment under management allows optimal stock turnover, with highest investment redemption through traditional distribution markets.

Lasserre et Papillon - Wine Asset Management

Cash out of crypto-currencies through Fine Wines

LASSERRE & PAPILLON was the first Bordeaux Negociant to accept Bitcoin and crypto currencies as payment.

Fine Wines in original wooden cases can be either delivered across the globe or stored at Bordeaux City Bond (bonded warehouse*).

In this latter option, you may benefit from fiat currency redemption (avoiding KYC, duties and taxes) as well as physical fine wine delivery.

As Fine Wine Market has been outperforming most major financial index during latest decade and remains a safe way to hedge crypto-currency’s market fluctuation, it has become the smart solution to portfolio diversification.

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*This service is reserved for corporates and non-French residents.